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Business Intelligence

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Statistics aren't just for reading!

We designed our own software to keep track on data

Our Revenue Management team is passionate about the data! Each lodge is unique due to many factors so we don’t just apply a standard value. Our team analyzes the data and applies a logical assessment to achieve the results we desire. 

Business Intelligence is a process to analyze data in order to make the best business decision by including as many factors as possible. Our process and logic consists of many factors to include data from the OTA’s, lodging website, current market pricing, and the guest’s origin country as just some of the variables. The true benefit of our service is the real time assessment of the best rates combined with personalization to your lodge.

Your lodge is already selling one year ahead. If you are not managing this process on a daily basis, then you’re too late and the opportunity is lost.

You can not afford to wait until Monday to determine strategies or promotions to optimize your business. We put the tools and resources in place so while your sleeping, your sales are still awake!

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Entrust your business to our

Our team consists of individuals who have the expertise and knowledge to create the best opportunity for your lodge! We provide a true end to end solution that includes separate teams focused on the data, strategies, website, OTA’s profile management, lodging rate management, gross revenue analysis, and RevPar optimization.

Our team is working 24/7 so that you can focus on other key items managing your business. You are able to rely on 20 years of experience in the industry who have serviced hotels of all different sizes.

Increase RevPar
Focus on results
Support to our clients
Make a difference

Our customers  get the best advantage when we apply our Business Intelligence

A full solution for you to have an advantage in the market

Professional team
A team of experts supporting you
You have a team of individuals who are specialists in what they do instead of one person who is not entirely focused on this critical role
Business optimization
There is never a stopping point
A significant differential is our continuous optimization of all aspects of the business. Our team believes "A website is never finished"
Awesome portfolio
150+ clients and growing!
We provide expertise and the same goals to lodges with 6 rooms all the way up to 200+ rooms
Reliable support
We are a 24/7 service oriented company
We all know at one point a person can make a mistake and no software is perfect. What makes the major difference is having an outstanding and dedicated support team when all other systems fail!
Is not just having a provider or a software, is being part of a Brand
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Online Travel Agencies are not at fault

Innovative solutions to fuel your lodges sales growth

There are different factors why properties are not part of a larger chain. In Latin America, 80% of the hotels are identified as small properties. We provide the ability for your lodge to benefit from the larger hotel brand’s expertise and knowledge of online presence to your own individual brand.

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Is your website ready to sell?

Website Development Expertise

Our team of experts utilize leading-edge industry strategies and best practices to create a robust website that is sleek and user-friendly. We understand how to make the right website to showcase your property.

  • We check metrics
    We understand want the user wants!
    We leverage the data on user behavior to strategically build and navigate a user-friendly website.
  • Responsiveness
    40% of clients purchase from smartphones
    Our focus is to increase your sales by leveraging the best and current technology
  • Increase Reservations
    This is our main goal for you
    Our team knows how to help increase your online presence which helps to increase your revenue